Radiologist: A physician in the “field of radiology” includes not only a specialist in the field of
radiology, but also includes a physician who normally performs the radiology services for
inpatients of a particular hospital, even though the physician does not restrict his or her practice
to radiology.

Radiological Services:  The term “radiological services” means services in which X-rays or
rays from radioactive substances are used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Such
services include, but are not limited to: radium therapy, the use of radioisotopes for diagnostic or
therapeutic purposes (as in nuclear medicine), and diagnostic tests such as:

· Aortograms
· Pyelograms
· Myelograms
· Arteriograms
· Ventriculograms

The Procedure range codes for billing radiology is 70000-79999.

Medicare pays for physician radiology services on the basis of the physician fee schedule.