Imaging Procedure

Procedure -4 codes 76376 (3D rendering with interpretation and reporting of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, or other tomographic modality; not requiring image postprocessing
on an independent workstation) and 76377 (…requiring image postprocessing on an independent workstation) are an integral part of the primary imaging procedure.  Therefore, these codes are not separately reimbursable and the recipient should not be billed for these services.

Procedure-4 Codes Not Split-Billable

The following radiology procedure codes are not split-billable and must not be billed with modifiers 26, TC nor ZS.

Procedure-4 Code    Description

72291    Radiological supervision and interpretation, percutaneous vertebroplasty or vertebral augmentation including cavity creation, per vertebral body; under fluoroscopic guidance
72292    under CT guidance
76140    Consultation on X-ray examination made elsewhere, written report
77071    Manual application of stress performed by physician for joint radiography, including contralateral joint