Independent RHCs and free-standing FQHCs bill under bill type 71X and 73X for the professional component utilizing revenue codes 520 and 521 as appropriate. HCPCS coding is not required. The technical component is outside the scope of the RHC/FQHC benefit. The provider of the technical service bills on Form CMS-1500 or electronic equivalent to the carrier.

The technical component for a provider based RHC/FQHC is typically furnished by the provider. The provider of that service bills under bill type 13X or 85X as appropriate using its outpatient provider number (not the RHC/FQHC provider number since these services are not covered as RHC/FQHC services). Effective 4/1/06, type of bill 14X is for non-patient laboratory specimens and is no longer applicable for radiology services.