Many of the diagnostic services, including radiology services, provided by physicians/practitioners contain both a technical component (TC) and a professional component (PC). Often, the PC and TC of diagnostic services are furnished in different settings. As a general policy, the POS code assigned by the physician/practitioner for the PC of a diagnostic service shall be the setting in which the beneficiary received the TC service.

A. Interpretation Provided Telephonically by Wireless Remote

Teleradiology services (radiology services that do not require a face-to-face encounter with the patient furnished through the use of a telecommunications system) are discussed in Pub. 100-02, Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, chapter 15, section 30. The interpretation of an x-ray, electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram and tissue samples are listed as examples of these services.
In cases where the face-to-face requirement is obviated such as those when a physician/practitioner provides the PC/interpretation of a diagnostic test, from a distant site, the POS code assigned by the physician /practitioner shall be the setting in which the beneficiary received the TC service. The POS code for a teleradiology interpretation is generally the place where the beneficiary received the TC, or face-to-face encounter. The POS code representing the setting where the beneficiary received the TC is entered in the ASC X12 837 professional claim format or in item 24B on the paper claim Form CMS 1500. In cases where it is unclear which POS code applies, the Medicare contractor can provide guidance.

For example: A beneficiary receives an MRI on an outpatient hospital campus near his/her home. The outpatient hospital submits a claim that would correspond to the TC portion of the MRI. The physician furnishes the PC portion of the beneficiary’s MRI from his/her office location – POS code 22 (On Campus-Outpatient Hospital) shall be used on the physician’s claim to indicate that the beneficiary received the face-to-face portion of the MRI, the TC, on the campus of an outpatient hospital.