The professional component (see modifier -26) for radiological services is intended to cover professional services, when applicable, as listed below:

1. Determination of the problem, including interviewing the patient, obtaining the history and making appropriate physical examination to determine the method of performing the radiologic procedure.

2. Study and evaluation of results obtained in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, interpretation of radiographs or radioisotope data estimation resultant from treatment.

3. Dictating report of examination or treatment.

4. Consultation with referring physician regarding results of diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
The technical or administrative component (see modifier -TC) includes items such as: cost or charges for technologists, clerical staff, films, opaques, radioactive materials, chemicals, drugs or other materials, purchase, rental use or maintenance of space, equipment, telephone services or other facilities or supplies.

Certain radiological procedures require the performance of a medical or surgical procedure (eg, studies necessitating an injection of radiopaque media, fluoroscopy, consultation) which must be performed by the radiologist and is not separable into technical and professional components for billing purposes. In these instances, the total fee listed in the Medicine or Surgery Services Fee Schedule is applicable


Fees listed in the Radiology Fee Schedule represent maximum allowances for reimbursement purposes in the Medical Assistance Program and include the administrative, technical and professional components of the service provided.

Fees are to be considered as payment for the complete radiological procedure, unless otherwise indicated. In order to be paid for both the professional and the technical and administrative components of the radiology service, qualified practitioners who provide radiology services in their offices must perform the professional component of radiology services and own or directly lease the equipment and must supervise and control the radiology technician who performs the radiology procedures; or be the employees of physicians who own or directly lease the equipment and must supervise and control the radiology technician who performs the radiology procedures. NY Medicaid does not enroll offsite radiologists for the sole purpose of professional component billing.

Each State agency may determine, on an individual basis, fees for services or procedures not included in this fee schedule. Such fee determinations should be reported promptly to the Division of Health Care Financing of the State Department of Health for review by the Interdepartmental Committee on Health Economics for possible incorporation in the Radiology Fee Schedule.