Clinical brachytherapy requires the use of either natural or man-made radioelements applied into or around a treatment field of interest. The supervision of radioelements and dose interpretation are performed solely by the therapeutic radiologist. When a procedure requires the service of a surgeon, see appropriate codes from the Surgery Section.

Services 77750-77799 include admission to the hospital and daily visits.


(Sources refer to intracavitary placement or permanent interstitial placement; ribbons refer to temporary interstitial placement.)

SIMPLE – application with one to four sources/ribbons

INTERMEDIATE – application with five to ten sources/ribbons

COMPLEX – application with greater than ten sources/ribbons

77750 Infusion or instillation of radioelement solution (includes three months follow-up care)

77761 Intracavitary radiation source application; simple

77762 intermediate

77763 complex

77776 Interstitial radiation source application; simple

77777 intermediate

77778 complex

77785 Remote afterloading high dose rate radionuclide brachytherapy; 1 channel

77786 2-12 channels

77787 over 12 channels

77789 Surface application of radiation source

77799 Unlisted procedure, clinical brachytherapy