All treatment delivery codes are reported once per treatment session. The treatment delivery codes recognize technical-only services and contain no physician work (the professional component).

77401 Radiation treatment delivery, superficial and/or ortho voltage, per day

77402 Radiation treatment delivery, >1MeV; simple

77407 intermediate

77412 complex

77417 Therapeutic radiology port film(s)

77385 Intensity modulated radiation treatment delivery (IMRT), includes  guidance and tracking, when performed; simple

77386 complex

77387 Guidance for localization of target volume for delivery of radiation treatment delivery, includes intrafraction tracking, when performed

77424 Intraoperative radiation treatment delivery, x-ray, single treatment session

77425 Intraoperative radiation treatment delivery, electrons, single treatment session


Hyperthermia treatments as listed in this section include external (superficial and deep), interstitial, and intracavitary. Radiation therapy when given concurrently is listed separately.

Hyperthermia is used only as an adjunct to radiation therapy or chemotherapy. It may be induced by a variety of sources, (eg, microwave, ultrasound, low energy radio- frequency conduction, or by probes).

The listed treatments include management during the course of therapy and follow-up care for three months after completion. Preliminary consultation is not included (see Evaluation and Management 99241-99255). Physics planning and interstitial insertion of temperature sensors, and use of external or interstitial heat generating sources are included.

The following descriptors are included in the treatment schedule:

77600 Hyperthermia, externally generated; superficial (ie, heating to a depth of 4 cm or less) (Report required)

77605 deep (ie, heating to depths greater than 4 cm) (Report required)

77610 Hyperthermia generated by interstitial probe(s); 5 or fewer interstitial applicators (Report required)

77615 more than 5 interstitial applicators (Report required)


77620 Hyperthermia generated by intracavitary probe(s) (Report required)