78201 Liver imaging; static only

78202 with vascular flow

78205 Liver imaging (SPECT);

78206 with vascular flow

78215 Liver and spleen imaging; static only

78216 with vascular flow

78226 Hepatobiliary system imaging, including gallbladder when present;

78227 with pharmacologic intervention, including quantitative measurement(s), when preformed

78230 Salivary gland imaging;

78231 with serial images

78232 Salivary gland function study

78258 Esophageal motility

78261 Gastric mucosa imaging

78262 Gastroesophageal reflux study

78264 Gastric emptying study

78270 Vitamin B-12 absorption study (eg, Schilling test); without intrinsic factor

78271 with intrinsic factor

78272 Vitamin B-12 absorption studies combined, with and without intrinsic factor

78278 Acute gastrointestinal blood loss imaging

78290 Intestine imaging (eg, ectopic gastric mucosa, Meckel’s localization, volvulus)

78291 Peritoneal-venous shunt patency test (eg, for LeVeen, Denver shunt)

78299 Unlisted gastrointestinal procedure, diagnostic nuclear medicine


78300 Bone and/or joint imaging; limited area

78305 multiple areas

78306 whole body

78315 three phase study

78320 tomographic (SPECT)

78350 Bone density (bone mineral content) study, one or more sites; single photon absorptiometry

78351 dual photon absorptiometry

78399 Unlisted musculoskeletal procedure, diagnostic nuclear medicine